Saturday, June 23, 2012

Old Houses

Stadium Auto Wash by
Stadium Auto Wash, a photo by on Flickr.

For about two years now I've been in love with pictures of abandoned houses. It's so awesome to see the history left behind by a family on the move.

Personally, I was always too scared to go into any houses. I didn't want to 'get in trouble', find dead bodies, fall through a floor, etc etc etc...

But I REALLY wanted to do it.

My friend and I started our adventures by going into a house down the road from me. It's a huge white farmhouse, set off the road and swallowed by overgrown weeds.

It was very cool... lots of old beer cans, creepy basement, awesome couch... and then we found a room upstairs that freaked us out. A lot.

It was painted black, posters of demons and devils on the wall, huge locking mechanism on the door, chains on the wall above the bed and a weird hidden compartment.

I still worry about getting "caught", but not as much as I used to. Just the other day we were poking around an old farm in Washtenaw county, and the farmer showed up.

He LOVED that we were there. Admittedly, I had my mace in my hand the entire time, but it was fine. He was just a nice guy who thought it was cool that we were interested in his place.

Many adventures to come!

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