Friday, April 1, 2011

Pay Me

Touch it by
Touch it, a photo by on Flickr.

I was offered a job writting a blog. That would be a cool job, if it paid more than $8 per 600 words. So, instead, I'll just continue to write my own blog for...


I'd like people to buy my pictures. Lots of them (maybe like... 10) are being used elsewhere on the web, mostly on blogs and things like that. Surprisingly, they aren't even on sites like!

Apparently, the only way to make money with photograhpy is to shoot portraits, but that is not as fun as shooting macros of cacti. So, unless I find a cactus with a fat pocketbook and a dire need for some portraits, I'm SOL.

I've learned about photography in a lot of ways... trial and error, books, online instruction, that one job, that other job, blah blah blah, but mostly through

You can go through pictures all day, seeing stuff from amazing photographers, and then if you click on a link, you can see the settings they used. A few times I've sent messages to other flickr members, asking random things, and they have, without exception, been happy to help.

Which is awesome.

My son is four, and when he looks at my pictures he says stuff like, "Which lens did you use for this?". That's maybe the coolest thing, ever. If only he would let me take more pictures of him... and pay me for them.

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  1. I feel your pain Corrine. Perfect title for this. At least you have a blog...I've got to get that going. Love your work that I've seen so far. It'll happen soon enough...

    Skip Coblyn