Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Pink (film) by corinne.schwarz
Pink (film), a photo by corinne.schwarz on Flickr.
In the past, I'd just skip by anyones "film" album on Flickr.

I put film users in two catergories: 1. Old and resistant to change 2. hipsters who were trying to show off.

Now I went and did it.

Well, since I am now old (33) and have some hipster tendencies, I guess I was right all along.

Film really is fun.

For the most part, you do have to know what you're doing with a camera. The digitals with the zooms and auto focus are pretty easy to use.

If you "know" what you're doing, it's nice to be able to check the LCD and make sure you got the shot right. If you don't know what you're doing, it's easy to take 1.5 million pictures until you get it right.

The camera I used was my dads old Sears SLR. (similar to this camera). It has two fixed focus lenses (50mm and 125mm). Everything is manual, including focus.

Which means I had to actually MOVE MY BODY to frame stuff up right. No more aiming from afar and zooming in until I got what I wanted.

Obviously, if you're limited to 24 shots, you tend to be a bit more careful with what you capture. I'm usually pretty good about not taking a lot of "junk" shots (I hate getting home and having to sort through them), but film does take it to another level.

Not to mention, I had to google instructions for loading and unloading film... last time I had done it was 7 years ago, and my memory isn't that great.

Anyway, I had all the images put on a cd (5 bucks at CVS.) I am happy to say that only 2 of the 24 images were stupid (one was the wall, because I was messing with settings on the camera, and accidentally hit the shutter button, and the other is a swirl of blues and whites, so that could be just about anything).

I struggled for a few minutes when it came to post processing. I thought maybe I'd just leave them SOOC, but when I realized that a TINY contrast adjustment made a hell of a difference, I went with that.

You can see them on my flickr. Film.

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