Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm doin' it

Negative Space by corinne.schwarz
Negative Space, a photo by corinne.schwarz on Flickr.

Hello, blog. Long time no see.

I've finally decided to go ahead and get going on the whole "being a photographer" thing.

Ever since I stopped working in a studio, I've struggled to keep the momentum going on my own.

But now it's starting to come together. I've made the client viewing experience easier by using www.pictage.com . Their default price list seems pretty high, but they insist that it's set for "premium results" or something like that. The prices are adjustable, and I've found myself adjusting lower and lower and lower... which I know is a bad trend, but whatever.

I've set up my facebook: Corinne.Schwarz Photography. The only problem I have with this is the whole "self promotion" thing. I don't want to be one of those Amway type people who shove their business down your throat until you start to avoid them... but I do want people to "like" that page.

I recently photographed Heathers family. They were all beautiful and easy to photograph. That would be the first session I edited in a way that I liked, instead of worrying if they would like it. I mean, yeah, I wanted them to like the pictures... but second guessing myself and worrying about everything wasn't helping, so I quit doing that.

I just reminded myself that anyone who hires me hires me based on the images I've shown them. If they like what I like (which they must if they've hired me), then they will like what I come up with.

Here we go!

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