Saturday, February 19, 2011

Flowing Water

Flowing Water
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I had a picture ("flowing water") featured in a blog called Absolute Michigan. It's a blog that features a new picture of Michigan every day.

So, that was cool.

I enjoy photography. I like taking pictures because it's fun to explore new things, try new techniques and cultivate new ideas.

I love the fact that I can see a picture in my head, and in most cases, I can get an image on film (ahem, card) that is very close to what I had planned.

I love tweaking the photographs in Photoshop.

Uploading and sharing them is the icing on the cake.

Self doubt is a bitch, though.

A lot of the reason I enjoy photography is because I think I'm good at it. And I think I should be more involved in it. I want to make money off of it.

Not because I want to have actual money, but because it would be the ultimate validation of my skill (or lake thereof).

I've run across tons of people who call themselvse professional photographers... and I look at their photographs and wonder how they came to hold the belief that they have talent.

Mainly it's portraits that floor me. Unflattering poses and lighting, huge DOF, colors are dull, contrast is off... and people pay for this?

I get it... photography is an art form. It's all subjective. You can't judge.

But crap, taking snapshots of people using fully automatic mode on a fancy camera does not make you good. If you truly love photography, learn about it.

Try new things.

Or don't. Shoot, if you're getting paid, who cares...?


So, there I did it.  I came full circle.

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