Sunday, February 27, 2011


Above and Center
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Lindsey got married on 2/25/11. I haven't been to a wedding in forever, so I was excited to take some pictures. I wasn't the photographer, so there were a few limitations as to what I could do. I wish I could have taken some posed shots at the alter, but I didn't want to impose, so I just stuck with candids.

When I worked for Prestige Portraits I learned how to set up proper lighting, but I never actually went out and purchaced my own lights, so I shot without flash.

For whatever reason, I always ignore the shutter speed functions. I adjust aperture, ISO and exposure, which lets shutter speed fall in line.

So I kept my aperture down as low as possible, usually around f5, underexposed by about -1/3ev, and kept ISO at 800. Of course I ended up with a bunch of noise in the shots, but it eliminated most of the movement, so... I was happy enough with the trade-off.

I wish I would have thought to dial ISO down durring still shots (like them standing at the alter and during the reception, which was very well lit. But I didn't. Oh well, lesson learned.

I did some research and set up an account at Pictage, so I could upload the images and make them available for people to buy.

It said something about uploading between 400-1000 images for best results. Holy cow, I only have about 100! Do people actually shoot 1000 pictures at ONE wedding!?

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