Monday, March 7, 2011

30 day challenge

1:30:1 Day 3 by
1:30:1 Day 3 a photo by on Flickr.

Long ago and far away I heard about 365 projects. It sounded cool and I briefly considered doing it... but I hate restrictions and commitment in my dating life, and photography is no different.

My Flickr Group started a 30 day challenge, and I committed myself to it.

30 days, one object, one picture.

The first picture was annoying because I was just getting my feet wet and wasn't really "into" the marble. Then on the second day I forgot about it until I was ready for bed. My son was sleeping on the couch, so I was restricted to using my reading lamp for light.

Today I was doing dishes (believe it or not), and I thought the marble would look cool in bubbles. Then I saw my sons toy gun and thought the marble would look cool by the gun. Either way, I needed to take a marble picture.

I put the marble on the table and went to gather my props.

In the meantime, Bobcat hopped onto the table and sat, looking out the window.

So I took a picture.

Commitment might not be so bad.

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