Tuesday, March 1, 2011

X-Ray Smoke

X-Ray Smoke
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As usual, I got sucked into the depths of the internet last night. Instead of reading, cleaning or socializing, I sat home and played on the computer.

It all begins innocently enough. I wanted to find out how common live burrials used to be. Then I read something about vestal virgins being burried alive, so I had to look that up, then I had to check facebook, and then I googled "photography tips", and in between all of this, I kept getting up to take pictures.

I wanted to take a picture of the bubbles in my pop, but the bubbles kept disolving too fast, and I was trying to find a way to create more bubbles. The biggest part of this problem was that I didn't feel like actually getting up to get a spoon or something.

Sorens marbles were on the table, so I was going to drop one of those in the cup, but then I decided to just take pictures of the marbles, instead.

And the idiom about marbles in your head (which I couldn't specifically remember... how ironic) came into my mind, so I grabbed his new anatomy toy (which required getting up!).

Losing Your Marbles?

Then I processed those pictures while smoking a cigarette. That gave me the idea of "smoke pictures", so I got out the incence, turned off most of the lights and grabbed a flashlight.

The resulting images were cool... I was satisfied with the fact that I figuerd out how to do it... but they weren't AWESOME. So I kept messing with them in photoshop.

I eventually gave up.

Later, I found myself googling "layers", just because at one point in my life, I think I may have known how to use them, and I musta forgot.

That's when the big bang happened in my head, and I made a few mirrored smoke images.

However, I'm not the first to get this idea, and not nearly the best. But it's still cool.

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