Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Air up There

The Air up There by
The Air up There a photo by on Flickr.

Some days I can never get a good shot. I either don't see anything really cool or inspiring, or I see it and I miss it.

Usually it's moving things, of course. "Oh look at that awesome bird!" and it flies away. Worse yet, I'll take a picture only to get home and find out that my focus was way off or something stupid.

Today I was at the airport. I noticed the moon was out, and I thought "it would be so cool to get a shot of a plane AND the moon!", but I dismissed the thought pretty quickly because... well... seriously... what are the chances?

Well hot shit, a plane flew right by the moon! I only had time for one shot, and a big part of me thought, "It's probably going to be really blurry and crazy since I'm using my long lens and didn't have time to make sure it was focusing right".

A few minutes later I was taking pictures of a fire hose thing, and I thought, "It'd be cool if a plane was in the background, thrown out of focus". And seriously, right then, a plane jetisoned into the perfect spot, and I got that shot, too.

Nearly every picture I took today made me happy... which isn't what usually happens when I'm around things that move fast and I'm using my long lens.

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